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Cake Tastings

After we have received your questionnaire and given you a price quote then we will schedule a cake tasting.

Our tastings are $25.00 per flavor choice & each flavor can serve four to eight people. We recommend that you try four flavors. We like to help you design flavor choices that reflect your individual taste~the combinations are limitless!

We do not have a set menu because we individually customize all of our cake flavors especially for you. If you send us a list of things you love, we will create flavor pairings to suit your tastes. Our icing is a delicious Swiss meringue buttercream.


Here is a partial list of some of our most popular flavor pairings...


Pink Champagne / Biscoff Butter & Cookie 


Mexican Hot Chocolate / Fudge / Cinnamon toast crunch

Bourbon / Peach / Pecan


Piño Noir & Dark chocolate


Coconut / Pineapple / Rum


Amaretto / Coffee, Cherry, Almond, Apricot or chocolate


Bailey's Irish cream & Chocolate or Vanilla 

Spiced Cake / Toffee / Pecan


Chocolate & espresso


Banana / Chocolate / Peanut Butter


Rum & Almonds


Lemon / Vanilla Cookie Crumble / Strawberry or Raspberry


Red Velvet & Cookies 'n Cream 


Marble cake / Chocolate chip cookie dough / brownies / salted caramel & fudge


Vanilla / Golden Cookie Crumble / Salted Caramel


White Chocolate & Raspberry or Strawberry



Certified, ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, National Restaurant Association, [2016].    

Cottage Food License Georgia Department of Agriculture  4095329

Insured by FLIP


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